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You agree to submit to uis, on or before the 10th day after acceptance of this Agreement, advertisement materials to be used by us which shall met our uniform Advertisement Specifications set forth and described in contract

ATF has the right and option to approve in oour absolute descetion, the content of any advertising material presented to us from you even after we accept your advertising. We have right to remove it if it doesn't function correctly, against laws or if it has any form of discrimination, racial, sexuak, religion contents or has any hate messages to other individuals or institutions

You may priodically make changes to your advertising material which must also approve

ATF does guarantee any given amount of impressions to yoour page of Ad as a result of ouor advertising services unless a separate impression Guarantee Addendum has been executed by both parties here to. ATF makes no warranties that the advertising contqained on our website will be free from errors of defects of that the use of the hypertext link or access to our site wil be uninterrrupted. WE SPECIALLY DISCLAIM ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES

ATF Shall keep its rights of ownership of the website, auther's right, trademark classified informationand desing

You represnt and warrant to us that the advertising that you provide us is not false and misleading, doesn't contain any untrue, defame contents, anything of this mature or any action by intention or by mistake might besubject to be treated in according to the laws othe United Arab Emirates

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