When giving is even more rewarding
When giving is even more rewarding
When giving is even more rewarding
When giving is even more rewarding

Super Bikes Workshop

We are a motorcycle workshop established in 2000 to cater motorcycle enthusiast in the UAE market and over the number of years have been involved in lot of custom bike builds and specialize in fabricating/customizing/airbrush work. Walk into SUPERBIKES Motorcycle Workshop and you will find mechanics up to their elbows in HARLEY DAVIDSON / Metric Cruiser motorcycle repair and service. Nothing fancy, no fluff. We just offer the best quality service we know how to provide. We’ll leave the shiny nonsense to the big guys. You know who pays for those giant glass stores, abundant inventories, and fast- talking people. Our little 2300 square foot building is big enough to allow us to accommodate your needs. Our convenient, near-downtown location is easy to access, only moments off Sheikh Zayed Road, We have trained and well experienced technicians who would recognize, and all the other materials needed to assure your HARLEY DAVIDSON/Metric Cruiser is taken care of. We offer free Wi-Fi access for those of you who choose to wait while we service your HARLEY/Cruiser. But that is all just stuff. Anybody could buy it. What set us apart are us. We are devoted to HARLEY / Metric motorcycles in ways outside of just making a living. We simply love Motorcycles and the people who ride What it stands for and what it means to us as individuals who would rather go riding than do about anything else. We fluently speak airhead, Controlled Area Network, and all the Motorcycle languages in between. We applaud their strong points yet acknowledge their shortcomings. We offer ways to enhance the former and deal with the latter. We think you will enjoy our special version of HARLEY/CRUISER Motorcycle repair and service we’ll tell you straight up what your motorcycle needs. We can take care of any need your motorcycle may have. Scheduled maintenance that keeps your warranty intact, crash repair, custom models, and performance enhancements are our daily business. We have a place to sit and talk. Those are good reasons to visit. There might be some of your friends here already as well, an even better reason to come. The best reason to come, though, is for our motorcycle repair expertise. We believe you will not find better anywhere.
Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz 3 - Dubai
Tel: +971 4 338 7877
Fax: +9714 3387822
P.O.Box: 26100
10% discount on total bill

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